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2 Makeovers, 2 Perfect Tables

Tired of looking at the same tables everyday? Or maybe they just look a little worn? This blog is for you! No need to spend money on new ones when you can simply just update the look! Updating your tables or any furniture in your home can be super refreshing. I've recently refurbished a couple daily used tables using simple processes and products made by the oh so wonderful, Dixie Bell Paint Company. Keep reading and see how you can rejuvenate yours too!

This kitchen table and sofa table definitely needed makeovers. I decided to go with neutral tones to set a calm balance in the home. Here's how I transformed these pieces to look fresh and brand new. 

  • I started off by painting them both with the color Fluff which is a soft white shade with a slight grey undertone. No need to use a primer with Dixie Bell Chalk Paint so we can skip that usual task. Both of these pieces were originally super dark so I applied three coats of this shade in between drying. This paint is also very fast drying so be ready for the next step ;)
  • Once the third coat dried, I lightly sanded down the Fluff to eliminate any brush strokes. Although, this paint is self-leveling so you may skip this step if you'd like.
  • Next, I sprayed a mist of water in a small section and painted that section another light shade of grey called Driftwood. After painting that section I took a bunched up paper towel to remove some of the paint in a streak like manner leaving a wood like look. Misting the water on the surface before the paint, allows the paint to move exactly how I want it. You want to do this in small sections to avoid letting the paint dry to use this neat paper towel trick.
  • We're almost finished! I painted the edges of the tables with Driftwood to finish their new looks. You can use the same technique above for the edges too but I wanted to keep them smooth.
  • Lastly, I applied Gator Hide all over with a special Gator Hide Sponge. Gator Hide is a water repellent clear coat designed for high traffic pieces like your tables! I repeated this step a second time for extra protection. 

That's it! Follow these easy steps to completely renew any of your tables in your home! You can also try this on any wooden surfaces like your bed frame!

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