Guide: Using Dixie Belle Chalk Paint In 3 Easy Steps

Guide: Using Dixie Belle Chalk Paint In 3 Easy Steps

There is a lot to love about Dixie Belle Chalk Paint. Among the many reasons is the fact that it is so easy and versatile to use. With just a few simple steps and some patience, there is no limit to the transformations you can create on wood, glass, metal, ceramic, fabric, concrete, or many other surfaces. Take a look at the guide below to learn about the simple painting process and various ways to finish your project.

Step 1 - Prep

With Dixie Belle Chalk Paint, there is no need to strip or prime the surface that you will be painting. The only prep that must be done is a thorough cleaning with White Lightning Cleaner. Simply follow the instructions to dilute the cleaner, wipe down the surface you will be painting, and then wipe it again with a water-dampened cloth. This second wiping is necessary to ensure you have removed any lingering White Lightning. Now, your prep is complete!

If you are painting a slippery surface, glass for instance, it may be beneficial to complete the extra step of painting on a layer of Slick Stick to get better paint adherence.

Step 2 - Application

Select your Dixie Belle Chalk Paint from the rainbow of colors available in my store, then use a brush to apply it to your prepped surface directly or through a stencil. Our paint makes it easy to get a smooth surface with no brush strokes, so dark colors may only need to be applied in a single coat. Lighter colors, though, may need a second coat to get complete coverage. Wait 15 minutes, and your paint will be dry with no need to seal!

Dixie Belle Chalk Paint can be used in conjunction with some of our other products, such as Sea Spray, which gives a textured, weathered look. Just follow the mixing and application instructions to add interesting dimensions and effects to your work. With Dixie Belle, the possibilities are endless.

Step 3 - Optional Additional Steps

Though not necessary, you may desire to put some kind of seal or top coat on your painted surface. This step can provide different finishes to your work depending upon the product you use: Best Dang Wax, Crackle, Patina, Metallics, and more!

Finishes can also provide increased resistance to wear or the elements. However, even if you opt to not seal your Dixie Belle Chalk Paint, it will cure and become highly durable in approximately a month.


Using Dixie Belle Chalk Paint really is as simple as “clean and paint.” As I touched on above, we carry many products that allow you to expand on the simple painting process to customize your work to be exactly what you envision. To learn more, please take a look around my website, check out this free eBook, and don’t forget to comment below!

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