Vinyl Application Instructions


Follow these simple steps to apply vinyl to just about any hard surface:

  1. Place the vinyl face up.
  2. Burnish the vinyl by rubbing with a burnishing tool or credit card.  You will start to see the vinyl more clearly through the top layer.  Sometimes this will already be done for you, but it never hurts to do it again.
  3. Peel off the bottom layer.  The vinyl should be sticking to the top layer.  If it is sticking to the bottom layer burnish some more.  You may have to help it a little by using your finger nail or weeding tool to lift a small area from the bottom layer and making sure it is adhered to the top layer.
  4. Line up your vinyl on the hard surface.  Do not allow the vinyl portion to touch the surface until you have it lined up properly.
  5. Burnish the vinyl to the surface.
  6. Peel back the top layer slowly.  If any vinyl is sticking to the top layer.  Burnish some more. 
  7. Now step back and admire your work!  <3